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The Star Tribune’s annual showcase of the Top Workplace award in June has become a highly anticipated event for companies in Minnesota. They partner with Energage, an employee engagement platform that empowers workplaces to foster a positive and engaging environment for their employees, to conduct the Minnesota Top Workplaces program each year. 


To be considered eligible for the prestigious top workplace program, companies must have a workforce of at least 50 employees in Minnesota. Additionally, they must grant Energage the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive 24-question survey among their employees. This survey enables a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall workplace experience.


Allweather Roof – Top 200 Workplaces 2023 Award


We are thrilled to announce that this year, our company, Allweather Roof, has been honored with the distinguished title of “Top 200 Workplaces 2023” by the Star Tribune. Among the 85 small companies listed, we are proud to have achieved an impressive rank of 4. This remarkable recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a positive work environment.


Moreover, we are delighted to share that this marks the sixth consecutive year we have been recognized as a top workplace by the Star Tribune. This longstanding acknowledgment speaks volumes about our dedication to nurturing our workplace culture that values and supports our employees.

We owe our success to the collective efforts of our talented team, who consistently go above and beyond to contribute to our company’s growth and success. Their passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence are what set us apart and make our organization an exceptional place to work.


Words From Our Team


As we continue to evolve and strive for excellence, we remain committed to prioritizing our employees’ well-being. This recognition will only fuel our determination to maintain and further enhance our status as a top workplace, fostering an environment where our employees can thrive, succeed and feel valued.


Message from our President, Ken Sorensen


We celebrate this remarkable achievement with our entire workforce and look forward to a future filled with continued growth, success, and a thriving work culture that empowers each individual to reach their highest potential.


Message from our President, Ken Sorensen:


Thank you Star Tribune


Allweather Roof extend their gratitude to the Star Tribune and Energage for their dedication to recognizing exceptional workplaces and promoting employee engagement. Their commitment to highlighting the importance of a positive work environment inspires us to continuously improve and create an outstanding workplace experience for our team.