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In Minnesota, sometimes it feels like winter will never end. Finally, and gradually, it’s warming up. As you personally transition into the next season, think about how to prep your roof for the change. There are few simple things you can do as a commercial building owner to get your roof ready for the spring and summer. 


Get your roof inspected early and often.

It’s often hard to inspect mid-winter with mountains of snow on your roof, but once that starts to melt, getting a quality detailed inspection is necessary. Any roof is built of a series of systems. In every system where the seams connect is a possible point of failure. Have a commercial roofer check the seams and re-caulk and re-seal as needed. 



Remove any debris

Once the snow starts to melt the roof deserves a spring cleaning, like the rest of your building. Tree limbs, small sticks, animal gunk and other bits can build up over the winter or get buried under layers of snow. Be sure to get rid of nests or burrows that may have been created before animals start mating. Even the smallest animals can become dangerous when protecting their young. 


Have your drainage system checked.

Every roof has its own drainage system in order to ensure that melting snow or rain can be led away from the building in order to prevent any kind of pooling. If the drainage system is damaged, this could lead to water seeping into parts of the building and causing mold and mildew, and other hazards for tenants. Long-term, it can also lead to even bigger damage to the structure of the building. 


Do preventative maintenance

Leaks are one of the top challenges commercial building owners face in the spring and summer as the ice melts and water starts to seep in. This can be largely prevented with a preventative maintenance plan. A good plan starts with a detailed roof inspection to get a baseline, and regular inspections, and minor repairs ongoing so that minor issues don’t become large ones. Consider getting an inspection done every few months. 


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