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Allweather Roof is an award-winning commercial roofing company that has been restoring roofs since its founding in 1925. 

In recent years, we have had the privilege of completing several landmark projects that have solidified our position as the leading provider of commercial roofing services in the Twin Cities. We are proud to share with you four of these top projects below.


JJ Taylor Distribution – 2018

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This was our largest job to date. We were contracted to re-roof J.J. Taylor’s 540,000-square-foot warehouse in northeast Minneapolis. That’s the equivalent of 10 professional football fields! 

Under the leadership of Ken Sorensen, Allweather Roof’s president, Russ Kiker, operations manager and vice president, and on-site management by Vince Neumann, foreman, work began in April 2018. Despite weather-related delays – a challenge we’ve quickly learned to adjust to – the project was completed by the established deadline of October 30 of that year.


To understand the magnitude of this groundbreaking roofing project, here are some incredible statistics about the work we completed.

  • Allweather Roof ordered 647 rolls of roofing membrane (Firestone 60 Mil Grey TPO). 
  • 1,142,000 square feet of insulation was used for this project. 
  • Over 6,700 gallons of membrane adhesive were delivered to the job site.
  • Approximately 1,483 tons of gravel were vacuumed from the old roof system
  • We installed 150 new Firestone Sunwave skylights and custom O.S.H.A.-approved guardrails.
  • 9,850 lineal feet (1.86 miles) of sheet metal were installed. 

As we look back on this job, we are proud of what we accomplished. This would not have been possible without the contribution of each and every member of the outstanding team we have built here at Allweather Roof.


Eagle Lake Business Center III – 2019

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On the heels of our successful replacement of the JJ Taylor roof the previous year, we were confident and ready for another mega-project.

This time it was Eagle Lake Business Center III, a 95,000-square-foot office/flex building in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Craig Mielke, one of our top sales advisors worked with a local roof consultant to develop a complete roof replacement specification.


 The first phase involved tearing down the original EPDM ballasted roof system to the steel structure. The next step was the installation of a Firestone 60 Mil Fully Adhered EPDM (rubber) roofing system. 

The roof is covered by Firestone’s 20-year, no-dollar-limit warranty on all labor and materials.


Stein Industries, Inc – 2019

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To upgrade their existing roofing system, Stein Industries, Inc, a diversified manufacturing company based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, contracted Allweather Roof in 2019.

Our crew laid down a new layer of insulation over the existing insulation, meeting the State of Minnesota’s required R-value of 30. On top of that, they installed a new Firestone 60 Mil Ballasted EPDM roofing system on the 98,000-square-foot building. 


This commercial roofing technology has been a sustainable and cost-effective roofing option in Minnesota for decades, especially for large industrial buildings. 

The team re-broadcasted the rock back in place and completed all associated work. 


Wagner SprayTech Corp 2019/2020

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This project was a collaboration between Allweather Roof and Sundial Energy. The client was Wagner SprayTech for its North American HQ in Plymouth, Minnesota, which houses corporate operations and manufacturing of Wagner and Titan products.

The project involved two phases – the installation of a new roof and then the solar system. The new roof, covering 140,000 square feet (the equivalent of more than three acres) was installed by Allweather Roof. 

The roof was designed to enhance the benefits of the solar system with generous, high-density insulation and a reflective thermoplastic membrane. 

The roof’s R-value (resistance to heat flow) more than doubled, increasing from 12 to 30. Wagner SprayTech also contracted Sundial Energy to install the actual solar panels. 

The solar array (3,700 individual six-foot by three-foot solar panels) now ensures that more than 60% of Wagner SprayTech’s annual electricity usage is powered by the sun.

Wagner SprayTech now has the largest energy-efficient rooftop solar array in the state of Minnesota and we are proud to have contributed to this great accomplishment.


Text: Group photo of the Allweather Roof crew, showcasing their professionalism and teamwork in delivering exceptional roofing services.

These commercial roofing projects are a testament to our ethos of extreme attention to detail, our unwavering commitment to excellence in roofing systems, and our quality workmanship at an outstanding price point.