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The story of Allweather Roof isn’t your typical corporate narrative. They don’t just build strong, reliable commercial roofs; they also build lasting relationships and foster a community that thrives on mutual support. Allweather Roof team’s strength lies in their collective spirit, an ethos deeply embedded in their commitment to their clients and employees.


Allweather Roof has always believed in the potential of its employees, not only as workers but also as individuals with diverse talents and passions. When they learned about one team member who’s a Tae Kwon Do coach, Allweather Roof saw an opportunity to step in and support their employee, embodying their value of employee support and community involvement.


They decided to sponsor the local Tae Kwon Do team, Tigers, providing financial aid for travel expenses and equipment gear.


Tigers Tae Kwon Do Local Tournament in Anoka, Minnesota


Just recently, the Tigers Tae Kwon Do team had a pretty impressive run at a tournament in Anoka, Minnesota, led by Master Marco Diaz. He’s not just their coach, he’s their mentor and guide. For Marco, it’s not just about teaching martial arts–it’s about teaching discipline, a skill that he believes can help navigate life’s many challenges.


Marco isn’t the only one steering the ship. He gets a helping hand from Fernando Lopez, a foreman over at Allweather Roof. Apart from his day job, Fernando loves spending his time coaching the kids alongside Marco. He’s all about building confidence in these students and helping them grow as individuals. It’s just like how things work at Allweather Roof, where everyone is encouraged to grow as part of the team.


Fernando shared that some of these kids would usually be a bit nervous, whether at school or on the street. But, after joining the Tigers’ Tae Kwon Do team, it’s like they’ve transformed. They’ve become more confident and ready to take on whatever comes their way.


The Tigers’ Tae Kwon Do team isn’t just about training future martial arts champions. Their main goal is to prepare these kids for the outside world, helping them become responsible citizens. They’ve got a big team–40 students in total. For the best training experience, they split them into two groups of 20.


These kids aren’t just enthusiastic; they’re also pretty darn good! At the recent tournament in Anoka, some of the team members even took home first place. It’s clear that the training and mentorship from Marco and Fernando are truly making a difference.


The Tigers Tae Kwon Do crew wants to give a huge shout-out to Allweather Roof for always having their back. When it’s time to step on the mat, they rock the Allweather logo like a badge of honor, letting the world know just how much they appreciate their help.


“The more Allweather supports me, the more tournament outside of Minnesota I’m able to go. The more bigger I’m known, the more I can represent Allweather.” – Brandon Diaz


Brandon Diaz is the son of Marco Diaz and he’s part of the Tigers Tae Kwon Do team, he also sometimes helps with coaching. His goal is to help these kids have an amazing journey like his or even better. Brandon is super grateful to Allweather Roof. Their help with travel expenses and gear has been a game changer, helping the team rack up win after win.


Tigers Roar is Louder – Thank You  Allweather Roof


Allweather Roof is so much more than its products and services – it’s about the people, their passions, and the bonds they build. Today, the Tiger Tae Kwon Do team, stands taller, fights stronger, and dream bigger, thanks to Allweather roof’s generous sponsorship. When the Tigers team wins, it’s not just a victory for the team, it’s a victory for the Allweather Roof community, proof that when they stick together, they can weather all storms.