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In Minnesota, Allweather Roof has not only become a premier provider of roofing services for commercial properties but has also embedded itself deeply within the community. Their impact reaches beyond safeguarding structures from the elements; They are actively invested in shaping a better future for their employees and the community. This commitment is exemplified through their remarkable support of their own foreman, Fernando Lopez, as he coaches the Internacional Soccer Team, making a profound difference one match at a time.


Allweather Roof’s involvement in the local community extends to championing its employees’ endeavors outside of the workplace. When they learned about Fernando’s role as a dedicated coach, they saw an opportunity to provide meaningful assistance both to him and the aspiring young talents he nurtures.



Fernando’s passion for coaching hasn’t gone unnoticed within Allweather Roof. In a heartening move, the company chose to sponsor his soccer team, extending financial backing and crucial equipment and resources necessary for the team’s continuous growth. This initiative mirrors the company’s broader dedication to supporting their employees beyond their professional roles.


In the rigorous training provided to these young players, they’re not solely mastering soccer skills; they’re learning essential values like discipline, which will undoubtedly guide them through life’s diverse challenges. Under the thoughtful guidance of Coach Fernando Lopez, the sport serves as more than a game–it becomes a constructive outlet, diverting these children from potential street-related troubles.


While parents are often enthusiastic about investing time in their children’s passions, financial constraints can cast a shadow. Allweather Roof’s involvement serves to alleviate this burden significantly. Families of the team members express profound gratitude, knowing that their children’s dreams won’t be affected by financial limitations.




Allweather Roof’s unwavering support for the Internacional Soccer Team is a testament to their commitment to fostering employee success beyond the confines of the workplace. In doing so, they create a sense of community spirit, nurture aspirations, and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of young players and the entire community.


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