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Allweather Roof earned Firestone Building Products Inner Circle of Quality Award for the 22nd consecutive time, and the Master Contractor Award for the 27th consecutive time.  We are one of only 3 contractors in the world to have done this every year since the inception of these awards.

Firestone’s president Tim Dunn said “Attaining both the Inner Circle of Quality and Master Contractor Awards reflects the firm’s ability to uphold our high commercial roofing standards, demonstrate superior skill and showcase outstanding workmanship.”

This statement makes Allweather Roofs president Ken Sorensen extremely proud of his team.  Ken’s motto is “Exact Excellence” meaning he holds every member of his 100 employee team to the highest standards.  Ken’s vision when we started working towards the goal of attaining these awards over 27 years ago was to separate ourselves from the competition.  “This is a way of proving our commitment to quality through history of consistent workmanship” said Ken.

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