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Allweather Roof is a company that values its employees and their interests outside of work. One way they show this is by supporting their employees’ sports teams. Recently, Allweather Roof demonstrated their commitment to their employees by sponsoring a local Tae Kwon Do team.

Tae Kwon Do is a martial art that originated in Korea and has become popular all around the world. It involves a combination of kicking, punching, and blocking techniques, as well as forms and sparring. Tae Kwon Do is a great way to stay in shape, build confidence, and learn self-defense skills.


The Tae Kwon Do team that Allweather Roof sponsored is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who train together regularly to improve their skills and prepare for competitions. Allweather Roof’s sponsorship helped the team pay for equipment, uniforms, and travel expenses for tournaments.

By supporting their employees’ sports teams, Allweather Roof is not only promoting healthy lifestyles and teamwork, but also fostering a sense of community within their organization. When employees know that their employer supports their interests outside of work, they are more likely to feel valued and motivated to work hard.

Allweather Roof’s commitment to their employees extends beyond the workplace, and their sponsorship of the Tae Kwon Do team is just one example of this. Their support has not only benefited the team, but also the broader community by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

In conclusion, Allweather Roof’s support for their employees’ sports teams is a great way to show that they care about their employees and are invested in their success both in and out of the workplace. The recent sponsorship of a Tae Kwon Do team is just one example of their commitment to their employees and the community.