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On April 18, 2019 Brent Loberg of Allweather Roof, put asphalt on his face and picked up a spear. Here’s why:

Click the image to see watch Brent start the journey and transformation


Brent and the team at Allweather saw an opportunity to give by participating in the 6th annual Studs, Struts, and Stilettos event put on by the Rochester Area Builders, Inc. The RAB group designed a fashion show event where fashion designers, models, and builders come together each year to create unique outfits made of and inspired by building materials.

Studs, Struts & Stilettos is a Construction Fashion Exposé designed to showcase the creativity and resourcefulness of our community, while at the same time raising funds for Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity (formerly Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity). –



This year the theme of the event was works of art. All design teams were required to choose a famous piece of art and build their concept paying homage to the art and the artist. Brent chose a piece of art from Kazir Malevich called The Black Square, which has a unique history and an interesting story.  



Using a variety of roofing materials, Brent created a unique character called the Roof Warrior, which is a spinoff of his day-to-day moniker, The Roof Runner. He also had a bit of help from his wife and daughter.

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Finally, it was time for all the participants to strut their stuff down the runway. The event took place at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center, on the 18th of April. Several sponsor businesses donated money and each of the participant teams also raised money directly.  

This is the first time Allweather Roof and Brent Loberg to part in this event. Brent is already brainstorming ideas for next year.

This event is one of a series of creative and interesting ways that Allweather gives back to the community. “It’s a chance to show leadership, and to step outside of our normal day-to-day routine.” Says Brent. He also shared that although he works in a top-tier professional commercial roofing company, he feels it necessary to let down the guard sometimes and connect with people through fun events. “We work hard and play hard at Allweather Roof, though working hard makes up the bulk of it. We have a tremendous team of people working on rooftops across Minnesota. We are also looking for great candidates to add to our team” – concluded Brent.

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