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From re-roofing to mechanical installation, we’ve got the skills and experience to give you the best Commercial Roofing in Minnesota.  Allweather Roof has continually been recognized nationally for our quality workmanship, professionalism, industry involvement, and superior commitment to customer satisfaction.  Since its inception, Allweather Roof has annually been awarded the prestigious “Inner Circle of Quality Award” by Firestone, the largest manufacturer.


At Allweather Roof we specialize in just one type of roof – The right one.  Although we are certified in every type of roof known, the only one that matters his the one that gives you the lowest lifecycle cost for your budget.  That’s the kind of honest thinking that has earned us the trust and loyalty of building owners and contractors throughout Minnesota.  Our reliable assessments and comprehensive quotes have earned us the reputation as the roofing experts to trust for a secure overhead investment.


This roof system is made up of multi layers of asphalt and fiberglass felts to provide a durable roofing membrane.

Advantages – Because the system is multi layer it has greater puncture resistance, and the redundancy provides more protection against roof leaks. Asphalt works well as both an adhesive to hold the felts together and to the substrate and as a water resisting material to prevent moisture penetration.

Disadvantages – Installation errors are often hidden because of the redundancy and can result in premature failure. Due to the increased cost of oil, asphalt built up roofs have become the most expensive roofing system to install. Asphalt is adversely affected by ultra violet rays and will not maintain it’s integrity in ponding water situations because it is moisture resistant rather than moisture proof.


A Synthetic rubber membrane that is the most popular roofing system for new and reroof low slope applications. EPDM can be installed in a fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted application and is now available in black and white colors.

Advantages – Has a 30 year track record of proven weatherability. This system is easy to maintain and repair. EPDM has great resistance to ultraviolet deterioration and EPDM is a waterproof membrane.

Disadvantages – Is only a single layer and is reliant on a quality installer to provide long leak free performance. Can be damaged in high traffic roof areas. Has poor resistance to chemicals on a roof.

Ballasted EPDM

Fully Adhered EPDM

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Membranes are an asphalt based membrane that has plasticizers added to give the membrane more flexibility and ultraviolet protection. The membrane is installed in multiple layers or as a top layer to a built up roof. A core reinforcement layer of fiberglass or polyester mats are integrated in the modified membrane for strength.

Modified is a very durable, tough membrane that stands up well to foot traffic. Designed to handle building movement better than traditional felt based Built Up Roof Systems.

Improper temperature attachment with hot asphalt can result in blistering of the membrane. Torch grade application requires special training to prevent fire hazards.


These are highly reflective thermoplastic single ply roof membranes. Thermoplastic materials allow membrane seams to be welded creating a monolithic roofing membrane. These membranes can be installed fully adhered or mechanically attached.

These membranes have superior chemical, grease, and fire resistance.

PVC membranes require plasticizer be added to give the membrane flexibility and UV protections. The quality of plasticizer can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. Loss of plasticizers result in embrittlement of the membrane.



Sheet Metal

Architectural sheet metal is used at the perimeter of flat roofs to finish off the roofing and provide a positive aesthetic look to the building. Pre-finished baked on painted finishes come in variety of colors to blend or contrast with building colors.


TPO is a heat-weldable, single ply thermoplastic polyolefin single ply membrane. TPO membranes are fire resistant, reflective membranes with excellent puncture resistance. These membranes are installed fully adhered or mechanically attached.

Meets Energy Star Rating for cool roofs. Seams are heat-weldable to create a monolithic sheet.

Some TPO membranes have degraded when installed next to highly reflective wall surfaces such as glass walls. Formulations currently in use have only been around since the late 1990’s.

Service and Repair

Our Service Department is one of the main reasons our customers keep coming back.

Professional, Experienced, and RESPONSIVE!

Our trained team of technicians are on call 24/7/365.  Each technician can handle any repair on every type of roof system and are certified to work on all roofing manufacturers’ systems to maintain your current roof warranty.

Our team members arrive in uniform with credentials and check in before and after the work is complete.

Get used to the same faces!  Our team ranges in 15-30+ years of service with Allweather Roof!

Mechanical Installation

Allweather Roof is certified to perform service work on most of the major manufacturer’s in the commercial roofing industry.  Call us for a quote on your next rooftop mechanical upgrade.  We have almost 100 years of experience in all commercial roofing types.



Maintenance Inspections


Roof Makeup

As the industry standard for roof maintenance we recommend a minimum of one annual inspection for every roof system. We have seen it far too many times, the cause of a roof failure or major/emergency water leak is the absence of proper inspection and maintenance.

Our professional inspections and maintenance repair technicians will significantly increase the long term life cycle of any roof assembly.

An Allweather Roof professional inspection includes:

Initial walk through of the roof in which the inspector diagrams the roof layout.

Deficiencies are then noted on the diagram and pictures are taken of all deficiencies.

We then enter the information into proposal format laying out the roof diagram, roof deficiencies pictures, scope of work for repair, and finally cost.

Before and after pictures of the performed work is logged and sent back to the customer when complete.

Call today to schedule one of our free roof inspections.


Budget Forecast



Roof Condition Report


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Skylight Installation

Light up your building with natural light!SunWave Daylighting Systems

Allweather Roof is proud to offer Firestone’s SunWave™ Daylighting System.  A premium daylighting product for the commercial roofing industry.

  • Daylighting can replace electric light up to 70% of daylight hours – a tremendous energy savings.
  • SunWave™ Daylighting Systems have the highest performance and light transmittance of any standard domed skylight in the marketplace.
  • SunWave™ Daylighting Systems come with an insulated, condensation-resistant thermally broken frame with integrated exterior weeping wells. No metal is exposed to the interior of the building, greatly reducing the formation of condensation on the interior of the skylight frame.
  • SunWave™ Daylighting Systems can be covered under the Firestone Red Shield Warranty for waterproofing and performance up to 20 years.