RR Donnelley Snow Removal

Allweather Roofs very own salesman Scott Steigauf took his GoPro camera to a whole new level on one of his customers roofs at RR Donnelley.  Our foreman Juan Rojas and his crew trekked thousands of pounds of snow across the roof to lighten the snow load that drifted high against a parapet wall. Check out the video here filmed, edited, and…read more →

Best in Show

With changing times and a trying economy, Allweather Roof’s original philosophy of perfecting service and quality still rank them the ‘Top Dog” of commercial roofing in the Midwest.

Cambria 2012 and 2013 Expansion

Allweather Roof is proud and thankful to be awarded the roofing portion of the addition to the Cambria plant in Le Seuer, Minnesota.  Cambria put together a great team headed by Del’s Construction out of Le Seuer.  Take a look off to the east of 169 next time you are driving south out of the metro…you can’t miss it!  

Allweather Roof named “Top Places to Work 2012” by the Star Tribune

    When Dawn Veliz, an Allweather Roof employee for over 15 years sat down and read the Star Tribune in 2011 and came across the “Top Places To Work” edition of the Star Tribune she thought Allweather Roof would easily make the cut.  Dawn was correct!  It is the “family feel” of the organization that Dawn thought would make…read more →

Allweather Roof is #1 of 8,000 Vendors at Hormel

Allweather Roof receives the Hormel Spirt of Excellence Award.  The award is given annually to 75 of the more than 8,000 Hormel vendors. Of the 75 this year 8 were contractors of which we were 1.  Please contact Russ Kiker for more information about this award.   Read more about the award at the Wall Street Journal. Hormel Foods Corporation…read more →

SBA’s disaster – Our Take

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) emergency lending to survivors of natural and man-made disasters since 1953 has surpassed $50 billion, and the agency has made more than 1.9 million low-interest disaster loans during that period. We found this at Professional Roofing Magazine and think it is interesting article.